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Vade MTA Builder for Service Providers

Highly flexible, next-gen MTA builder with microservices architecture designed for ease of use and scalability.

Build Your Own MTA In Minutes To Fulfill Your Needs

The Vade MTA Builder features a modular architecture, with dedicated services for message processing, queuing, delivery, reputation, etc. Designed for high-volume ISPs and Email Service Providers, the Vade MTA Builder allows operations to make rapid adjustments based on business requirements, including spawning services, updating policies, and conducting real-time testing and deployment. A fully elastic solution with micro-services and REST APIs for every component, the Vade MTA Builder empowers ISPs and Email Service Providers with the agility to address new business requirements and technical challenges without limitations.


Flexible, Custom Policy Management

The Vade MTA Builder is Go-based, a lightweight, open-source language with a large and ever-growing community, providing the flexibility and agility to implement policy changes based on new business and technical requirements:

• MTA templates maintained by Vade, integrated into policies via PCTL command
• Design your own templates
• Integrated version and change tracking
• Integration of MTA modules

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