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Venues come to life with location-aware mobile apps that provide indoor turn-by-turn navigation, contextual marketing, and a personalized guest experience.

The Wi-Fi is confirmed for the guests that is always in the response of the challenge of mobile participation begins with an ultra-fast and scalable WiFi infrastructure, which securely connect visitors to the network to through a browser-based portal.

The Wi-Fi network reminds guests that they have registered during future visits, and the unique registration process in a context in the unique identity of each user, the devices they use and their specific interests.

Mobility Global offers a full Aruba Environment (ClearPass Guest, Wi-Fi and Aruba Location Services) with meridian mobile applications to attract customers in real time. ClearPass GuestIt facilitates that visitors connect securely to the Wi-Fi network of the company of the place,At the same time between the communications and the address links to download a customized mobile application.

Improve the Guests Experience



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Wi-Fi is the number one rated guestroom amenity

The best Wi-Fi service and the location services of Aruba that Mobility Global offers allow companies to offer a wide range of mobile interaction functions adapted to the location, including the location in the interior and automatic notifications based on proximity.

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