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New cybersecurity solutions

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It´s no longer a secret that cybercrime has increased in recent years by as much as 210%, according to the state attorney general. After Wanacry, the largest cyber attack in history, companies and individuals are now more concerned than ever with cyber security. Comprehensive protection in cybersecurity Cybersecurity companies have presented new cybersecurity solutions, which enable the protection of corporate

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Unveiling The Dark-Web & Crypto-Mining

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The importance of your Cybersecurity Posture to protect your Business In this increasingly technological world, we find great innovations that make our life easier, however, adopting them not only involves learning to use them, but also learning to take care of the protection and security of our information. A deep inteview with Lourdes Gimenez, Cybersecurity Services Leader at Mobility Global, to

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Maximum defense made simple

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Leverage a powerful combination of embedded security, consulting, encryption, and data loss prevention to protect your customers and your Company. Mobility Global offers you the most advanced endpoint security platform on the planet delivered as a cloud service. Maximum defense made simple. One single agent and a unified cloud console distribute. The most effective endpoint security, along with the broadest

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