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The importance of your Cybersecurity Posture to protect your Business

In this increasingly technological world, we find great innovations that make our life easier, however, adopting them not only involves learning to use them, but also learning to take care of the protection and security of our information. A deep inteview with Lourdes Gimenez, Cybersecurity Services Leader at Mobility Global, to solve all your questions.

1. Do you consider technology as a great differentiator for companies that seek to stand out from their competitors? Is it necessary for these companies to invest in innovation?

Definitely yes, I consider technology as a differentiator for companies that seek to stand out from their competitors. Nowadays any company, not only the ones that want to stand out on its competitors, but also the ones that want to keep their business running must be innovating permanently. In addition to that, you must be alert to all innovations that can affect your business positively or negatively. We have examples like Netflix that take Blockbuster out of the market, or Uber that is affecting the taxi industry.


2. You talk about the dark side of the WEB. How can we have knowledge of where it is? And how much can it affect us?

Today we live in the cyberspace, we go to the bank, we go shopping, and make friends online, but the part of the web that we use is only 4% of the total network. In the rest,  96% aprox. there is the Deep Web and the Dark Web. In the Deep WEB there are all the databases of the government and from the enterprises, to which we do not have access, they are not indexed, we cannot go up there with Google or with Explorer. In the case of the Dark part of the Web or the Dark WEB, there are many Point to Point  networks and there is also a special browser called the TOR that can explore one part of the Dark Web, the .Onion domain. The main feature of this browser is that  it offers  total anonymously  and privacy during navigation. Since the Dark Web offers total anonymously, it is the place of preference for criminals to make their transactions online.

Almost all the businesses run their operations on technological platforms that are the heart of the business. Not using the appropriate technology causes the business to lose competitiveness, so it is mandatory to have a trusted advisor in this field. It is necessary to evaluate the different options that exist, the features that they offer, the capacity to grow with the business before taking a decision.

3. What do you consider are the main risks that an organization faces, in technological terms?

Cybersecurity should be a priority for any company today. The company must have a trusted technology adviser who can recommend the best options because there are different types of  solutions for different types of companies.

4. Within any organization, the protection of information is key. What should be the actions that must take to stay protected?

Cybersecurity should be a priority for any company today because both large and small companies are the target of many cybercriminals. The company must have a trusted technology adviser who can recommend the best options according to the business and its size. Because  is not that one size fits all. You will have different types of  solutions for different types of companies.

5. You talk about a cybersecurity strategy focused on 3 different dimensions. What do you mean? And, what do you consider is the key to start?

We almost always think of technology when we talk about cybersecurity. But there are two other dimensions that are also very important :the processes and procedures, and  the  employees. We must start your strategy  in the three dimensions: policies&procedures, employees and technology.

6. How can we prevent cyber attacks? What technological solutions are appropriate for a company?

Like I mentioned before, each company according to its size and type of business has a solution that is more appropriate, it is not that the same suit serves everyone. In any case, the basic is to have an antivirus and a firewall and the employees trained in cybersecurity; also evaluate with the help of an expert what other tools should be incorporated.

By the Expert:

Lourdes Gimenez
Degree in Electronic Engineering.
Master Degree in Innovation Management.

Leading Cybersecurity Services at Mobility Global
+25 years of experience in Telecommunications & IT

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