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It´s no longer a secret that cybercrime has increased in recent years by as much as 210%, according to the state attorney general. After Wanacry, the largest cyber attack in history, companies and individuals are now more concerned than ever with cyber security.

Comprehensive protection in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity companies have presented new cybersecurity solutions, which enable the protection of corporate networks against any threat, attack or information leakage, offering comprehensive protection in physical and digital environments.

Cybersecurity is an increasingly important area for companies. Data loss cost large companies 3.5 million per company in 2015.


Cybersecurity companies must offer a comprehensive solution to effectively protect businesses, based on three points:

  • Audit: The objective is to identify and correct the vulnerabilities presented by IT systems (workstations, networks, servers. By means of a test of vulnerabilities, the deficiencies in security are detected to be able to correct them.
  • Detection: The security system must be able to detect the elements of the audit so that the system learns and detects vulnerabilities by itself in the future. This analysis must be carried out for both external and internal accesses.
  • Monitoring: The infrastructure is actively monitored, both in the perimeter elements and within the technology and telecommunications infrastructure itself, whether domestic or business.

Cybersecurity services

Today’s cyber security expertise covers asset protection. This is key in helping to identify risks, strengthen the protection strategy and implement barriers for the proper control and maintenance of information protection standards. So the new cybersecurity services are focused on:

 Authentication and identity management It protects access to assets and infrastructures in a way that is limited to authorized users, processes, devices, activities or transactions.

Data protection: Protects information and records so that they are managed according to the organization’s risk management strategy, monitoring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the same.

Protection against attacks: Ensures that the technological protection solutions provide security and resilience to the organization’s systems and assets, and are consistent with its policies, procedures and agreements.

DLP: Data Lost Protection projects define which security policies (covering roles, scopes, responsibilities, etc.), processes and procedures are maintained and used to manage Information Systems

A good cyber security implemented, offers high performance technologies and specialized support, implements barriers and added services for the control and maintenance of information protection standards.

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