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The COVID-19 health crisis has created a turning point for all Spanish companies, which have realized the lack of security within their systems due to the new measures focused on teleworking.

For this reason, according to a survey carried out by Check Point Software, 79% of companies have the objective of reinforcing their cyber security to prevent possible attacks, as 3 out of 4 cyber security experts warn of the increase in threats as a result of teleworking


What risks do companies face with the new normality?

The importance of cybersecurity with the new normality has taken a new perspective and more and more companies are becoming aware of its importance and the risks to which they are exposed.

Check Point’s Technical Director for Spain and Portugal, Eusebio Nieva, explains the keys that information protection needs in the face of the new reality of work due to its decentralization.

However, 35% of companies have left the way open for cyber-attackers, without implementing adequate security tools for their workers and business data. From this point on, the consequences are very negative, as many cyber-criminals use the COVID-19 situation as a hook for their cyber-attacks.

With the arrival of the new normality and the new ways of working implemented, the need to secure environments and reinforce cyber security becomes paramount. Every company must implement cybersecurity strategies and plans focused on proactivity and threat prevention. In this way, the entire corporate network is secured.

Currently, as Eusebio Nieva says, we are facing one of the most advanced generations of cyber-threats, which are capable of spreading on a large scale and quickly. This means that the field of cyber-attacks has increased, and as a consequence, the risks faced by companies have also increased.

A cybersecurity plan that has the necessary tools to create new layers of protection on devices and connection points, as in cloud environments, is essential.


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